About World Veterinaria

World Veterinaria, a Brazilian company founded in 2004 aiming to produce and commercialize innovative and high standard veterinary products. Emerging in the national market with excellent options for medicines, antiparasitic, hygiene and embellishment lines for pets (Dogs and Cats). Our industry is one of the most well-installed and one of the best in the veterinary field, not leaving behind the idea of working responsibly concerning the environment. Properly registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply – (MAPA – acronym in Portuguese) – with all the products registered, we have partnerships with sophisticated high-tech labs to develop and guarantee quality in all our product line.
World Veterinaria has been aiming to increase its product portfolio always along with the necessities of the veterinary market. The complementation of the catalog with products that assertively and reliably satisfy the market will take World Veterinaria to a level desired by its founders.
Sustainability is the keyword in our industry. The regional growth, the job offers and also support in other areas of the city is fundamentally important to us. Our whole production line is structured to avoid wastage, aggregating the economy and preserving the environment, besides having an applied logistics to properly ship the orders.
The company’s commercial policy is about reaching excellence, qualifying its employees, internally and externally. For a mature and structured development, the employees’ upgrades in every area will always be fundamental to us.
We have a qualified technical team that monitors the whole production, from the emergence of an idea about a new product to its sale to the customer. Our sales team covers the entire national territory, providing the client with a close relationship and a solid partnership. Our partners’ needs are treated singularly proposing the best sale strategy, always qualifying the whole partnering team with monthly training to obtain good deals.
Finally, the production of high standard medicines which every animal deserves is the focus of our company. Kindness and responsibility are the primordial characteristics of our employees when it comes to the animal’s well-being. The innovations are always strived with persistence, after all, our biggest patrimony is you!

Mundo Pet Customer Support (MPCS) (SAMP – acronym in Portuguese)

World Veterinaria provides its technical and commercial team for customer service via telephone: +55 (17) 3258-2020, e-mail: contato@worldveterinaria.com.br or through the website: www.worldveterinaria.com.br. Through these channels, the client will be able to obtain information about our products and clarifications about their use.




Perform your tasks with focus and organization

Ensure the cleaning and maintenance of equipment

Have a lot of desire to grow

Comply with your schedules on time

Constant performance

Enthusiasm to always do your best

Live our Vision, Purpose and Charter of Values

Properly use PPE’s

Live the law of the greatest effort




Respect different opinions and ideas

Treat people with total respect

Recognize the skills and experiences of each

Respect diversity (humor, beliefs, ethnicity, etc.)

Follow company norms and rules (MIP, POP and MDO)

Respect animals and the environment




Cooperate with team people

Be supportive of people

Share your knowledge and experience

Contribute new ideas and suggestions

Have team spirit

Maintain excellent productivity

Not originate nor multiply rumors

Maintain cleanliness and organization of all areas

Establish growth partnerships with customers




Do right even if nobody is watching

Comply with what is established and agreed

Ensure the provenance and quality of our products

Recognize and value the work of others

Preserve the company’s image, team and co-workers

Talk to people and not about the people




Honor company history

Be proud of your own work

Having passion for our team

Always stay motivated

Be grateful to our company and our leaders




Live your precious present

Believe in our potential

Have love for others

Exercise gratitude

Overcome challenges

Believe in something bigger




Recognize that we don’t know everything

Treat people with equality

Allow yourself to be helped

Recognize your mistakes and correct them

Ask for forgiveness whenever necessary

Offer and receive feedback appropriately


Provide the national veterinary market with excellent pharmaceutical products that contribute to animal health, providing consumers with greater accessibility to our products and greater profitability for our customers.

Word of the President

The beginning of a big enterprise is only solid with planning, good partnerships and focus. We, as a veterinary company, exist to turn into reality the desire to transmit kindness and quality to our animals. Our mission is to offer our partners the most modern products in the veterinary industry. In addition to that, innovation provides high-quality products serving strict and selective clients. World Veterinaria has a modern structure where the production aims for quality and efficiency. Along with the Ministry of Agriculture norms, our installations follow strict quality rules to produce high standard products. Offering a complete technical team of veterinarians, pharmacists and chemists are only one of the differentials of our Lab. Job satisfaction and personal growth are priorities for our team. It is impossible to evolve without learning and World Veterinaria always provided that to its employees. We are committed to creating growth strategies to our partners always keeping in mind to offer fair prices to the customers, taking us to a higher level. The knowledge of the Brazilian and global markets provides everyone with a wide point of view of what we want to accomplish. Through a gradual and responsible evolution, our sales team can develop strategic planning for every client, always holding on to our partner’s importance and capacity. A careful selection of these partners brings us closer to their reality. Finally, for us, our client is our goal, quality is our obligation and a professional, attentive and reliable service is our virtue. We have been living the age of excellence when it comes to service provision, and the ones that stand out are those who offer a satisfying service, appropriate conditions for the partners and competitive prices. Welcome to the World Veterinaria family José Aparecido Moretti – CEO