600mg VermiCats 600mg VermiCats

600mg VermiCats

VERMICATS is a vermifuge specifically made for cats. The pills are doublescored and palatable for better use. Due to the action of Praziquantel and Pyrantel Pamoate, it acts against nematode and cestode endoparasites encompassing larval and adult forms of worms. Its frequent administration is recommended in every four months, or according to the Veterinarian’s orientation.

The administration in 30-day-old pregnant females and kittens must be followed up by a Veterinarian.

There is no leaflet for this product.

How to use
600 mg PILLS
Weight of 1,5 kg -1/2 (half) pill
Weight of 03 kg -1 pill
Weight of 4,5 kg -1 and 1/2 (half) pill