Power Dog Soap – Anti-fleas and ticks

Power Dog Soap – Anti-fleas and ticks

The POWER DOG SOAP has Permethrin in its formula as an active ingredient, acting efficaciously on combating and controlling flea and tick infestations, protecting the animal and getting rid of ectoparasites for a longer time. Its bar shape favors the product utilization for a longer period of time, improving the cost-benefit of the product. The Fennel essence used in its formula provides the product with a pleasant fragrance, allowing a great smell to the animal like any other dog shampoo.

There is no leaflet for this product.

How to use
Product for external use. Wet the animal in abundance, apply PowerDog Shampoo or Soap massaging the hair to obtain foam until it covers the whole body of the animal, taking care of the eyes, ears, and mucous membranes. Letting it act for 5 to 10 minutes, in the shade, for better product effectiveness. Wash the animal properly, with warm and clean water, allowing it to dry naturally. If the infestation is abundant, repeat the bath weekly and spray the environment with a specific product.