Antiparasitic Dug’s Collar

Antiparasitic Dug’s Collar

ANTIPARASITIC DUG’S COLLAR is indicated for combating and controlling flea and tick infestations on dogs. Due to its special model, its active ingredient Dichlorvos – DDVP – is extruded (mixed) in the collar, neither sticking nor smelling. Dye-free product. Because of its safety and reliability, the risk of accidental ingestion and adverse reactions decreases.

Three-month efficacy after open.

How to use
Product for external use. Gloves are recommended to handle the collar. After opening the cardboard packaging, remove it from the protective plastic, place it around the animal's neck. Leave two fingers of free space to prevent suffocation, then cut any excess. For better product effectiveness, remove the collar before bathing and put it again right after. Replace after 3 months or when the effectiveness decreases. If your hands touch the collar, wash immediately.